A closer look at red light accidents

If you were involved in a red light accident and injured at no fault of your own, the sooner you called in a local personal injury lawyer, the sooner they can get working on getting you adequate compensation. These type accidents are on the rise because the number of distracted drivers on the roads is growing. Drivers today are messing with the sound system, texting, making phone calls, at the expense of drivers sitting at a stop at the red light.

Here are the ways that the best Austin car accident lawyer in this field can help protect your financial future and get you back on the road to optimal health.

Collecting Vital Accident Evidence
The minute you’re able to pick up a phone after being hurt in the red light accident, that call should be made to the local personal injury lawyer. The reason being is that they have an accident investigative team at the ready, so when they get the call, that team is dispersed to the scene of the accident to collect evidence. By evidence, we are talking about acquiring key measurements, interviewing eye-witnesses, taking numerous pictures, and making a video of the surrounding location. All this is done in an effort to preserve the scene so at trial the jury and judge can see things as they were that day.

Getting the Best Medical Help
Your local Austin car accident lawyer has access to the best physicians in their respected fields, and you will be diagnosed, treated, and given physical therapy by the best. These doctors will also be available to provide expert testimony at the trial so that your attorney can make certain the insurance company is held accountable and makes good on taking care of you today, tomorrow, and for the long-term. In many of these red light accident cases, it comes down to the convincing testimony of the physician who can spotlight how these injuries are a direct result of the impact.

Putting Your Case on Trial
Once your Austin car accident lawyer has determined how much compensation you are due, they will never waver from that number, despite the efforts of the insurance company lawyers to try and get you to settle for far less. They are well aware how those lawyers are trying to get their clients to pay the absolute least possible, but these ploys don’t work when a skilled personal injury lawyer is on the job today. Your lawyer is working on your behalf to bring the responsible party to justice and so you can live a normal life from here out.

The red light accident can be especially challenging to present in court. Your attorney has the resources to show exactly what the other driver was doing at the time of the accident to solidify the case in your favor. With these type accidents on the rise, you need a skilled lawyer who has years experience in the court that will have your best interests at heart today and well into your later years.

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