How to stay safe while driving on Austin´s roads?

The south Texas, coastal city of Austin is home to over 300,000 people. The city’s main road transportation network includes Interstate 69E/US, Interstate 37 and Highway 77 that links the city to Victoria and Brownsville. The other important highways in the city include the Texas State Highway 44 thoroughfare and the Texas State Highway 268 Crosstown Expressway.

Austin ranks as one of the safest cities to drive in America; this means there are far fewer accidents here compared to other cities in the US. However, challenges still remain in the way of unsafe driving conditions and driver errors. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there are certain things every driver needs to pay attention to when driving on the state’s highway, these include:
• Speed limit
• Learning to share roads with trucks
• Staying on the right line
• Giving way to emergency vehicles
• Using the rest zones

In Texas, the maximum speed allowed on most interstate and state highways is 75 miles per hour. However, elements such as driving conditions and traffic may force a driver to adjust speed accordingly. It is against state laws to too impede traffic flow by driving continuously in the left lane. Drivers who break this law can receive fines of up to $200. Sharing the road with trucks is a crucial road safety issue because heavy trucks often take longer to make a stop and this could spell serious disaster.

To stay safe in the face of a truck; maintain safe distance, be aware of the trucks blind spot, avoid crossing behind a truck that is backing up and avoid passing in between a truck and the curb. When you see an emergency vehicle with flashing lights, you need to slow down below the posted speed limit or step a lane away. Failure to do this could land you a $200. While driving in and out of Austin, Texas, you can take advantage of the highway safety rest areas and Travel Information Centers available.

How a Austin Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You
When an accident happens, the first thing you need to do is stop the car in a safe area and check if you or anyone else needs emergency medical attention. Call 911 once this is established. If you or your loved one are involved in an accident, you need to find an experienced Austin car accident lawyer who will guard your interest. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a lawyer include attorney credentials, cost of representation, comfort level and location of the attorney.

During your search, ask the attorney pertinent questions like how long they have been in the practice and their experience handling similar cases as yours. Consulting a car accident attorney will help you avoid making costly missteps and get your initial case review and explanation of legal options available to you. The car accident attorney is also well-placed to help you resolve any rising legalities such as insurance disputes.